The Loburg – your second home in Germany

What distinguishes the Loburg? The answer to this question is easy for our students: namely to find an environment here that they can experience as their second home, a place where they can quickly make friends and develop their school and extracurricular potential. In a few words, this is the result of our annual survey, with which we give our students the opportunity to evaluate their boarding school and its various school and extra-curricular offers.

Boarding school with a special feel-good factor

It is of particular concern to my employees and to me personally that our students feel comfortable in the boarding school. Also, and especially as a former Lobburg student, I know how important this is for the success of our work with the young people entrusted to us. We work for this every day and are therefore a little proud of the success we can show here; at the same time, it encourages us to keep improving.

Boarding school as a personal enrichment

Life in a boarding school can be extremely enriching. Friendships made here often last a lifetime and, especially when it comes to individual support, boarding schools often have other options than state schools. This applies particularly to the Loburg. The everyday structure that students take for granted helps them achieve their school goals. And living in a large community trains social skills, strengthens self-confidence and promotes independence. Skills that will benefit you for a lifetime.


Dr. Oliver Niedostadek
Boarding school director



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