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at Schloss Loburg


ATTENTION: Despite corona our present classes continue with due regard to the necessary restrictions. Apply now for the online-course of the Loburg Language Year 2020/2021 and secure your place in our virtual classroom. Your future at school is important to us, therefore we now teach online, too.

Living in a foreign culture is demanding and comes with a lot of obstacles. But no need to panic! At the Loburg you get just the preparation for your schooltime in Germany that you need to settle in your new environment.

What advantages does the online-class have? 

  • Access to the new language within a familiar setting – from home!
  • A smooth translation to German culture and customs before school has even started!
  • A careful adjustment to living in Germany!


However, our focus remains on learning on site within the surroundings of the target language – at the boarding school Schloss Loburg. That’s why the course consists of an online-period and an attendance-period. 
Both are equally mandatory for a successful completion of the course.

The online-period starts 

August 2020 

and counts as preparation for the subsequent attendance-period at the Loburg, starting – planned as of now –  in 

February 2021


Why is the attendance-period equally important? 

  • Direct contact to native speakers
  • Immediate usage of developed language skills with native speakers
  • Real everyday communication, both in verbal and in digital communication with other students of the German language
  • Exchange of experiences with other students
  • Participating in joint activities and excursions


What to expect from the Loburg Language Year?  

Learning German at the boarding school Schloss Loburg 

Located in the beautiful green Münsterland between the cities Münster and Osnabrück the idyllic boarding school Schloss Loburg is just the place within the countryside to learn German with fun and pleasure. 

In the online-course of the Loburg Language Year 2020/2021 we supervise your first steps in the German language and guide you to the B2-level with the help of professional means and experienced, certified teachers. 

Our speciality: German course + graduation from school – everything from one source!

 You have no or only minor familiarity with the basics of the German language and you strive for a graduation in Germnay?

Then our German course is just the place for you. German classes are given in small groups of students by our competent, qualified teachers. By sitting in on school lessons of the Gymnasium you get an insight into the lesson content and methods of German schools early on. After successfully taking your B2-tests at the end of the language course you will get access to the on-site Gymnasium in the following school year. For that reason your previous school certificates should show above-average grades. 

 Our learning concept: speaking German + living culture

Our language programme is modern, innovative und related to everyday life: Multimedial learning is our guideline. Modern means of learning, such as learning-apps or learning vocabulary on the iPad, create diversified lessons. Small learning groups allow individual-related studying. The language course programme is extended by films, reading hours with appropriate reading materials and role-plays. By this you don’t only get a good view into German culture, but also vivid examples of everyday life. Our lesson content is oriented by your adolescent living environment. 


Our learning environment: everyday life + full care 

In the according-to-age living groups of the boarding school we offer full care and a balanced leisure programme. Trained educators structure your day after the end of class, act as your contact partner for all issues of your everyday life and help you adapting to the new culture. After learning times, sports events and group activities you can finally find rest and privacy in your own room. At the weekends we offer various leisure activities, such as going to the movies, excursions into the countryside and creative or sports activities. Despite all this you will still find some time to relax from school. 


Your learning target:

At the end of your language course by passing the exam you will have reached an advanced level (B2). You will be able to communicate independently and spontaneously with native speakers and to understand sophisticated matters of conversation. You will cope with the everyday life in Germany self-paced and autonomously.

The language skills acquired in this course will not only make your first steps in school easier, but also help you take part actively in classes. 


Technical requirements for participating in the online-course  

For the online-course 20/21 of the Loburg Language Year we kindly ask for adherence to the following (technical) requirements to ensure the quality of the online-course for all participants: 

  • workplace in a quiet environment  
  • convenient seat and a desk
  • laptop/PC (not Smartphone or iPad) – with latest operating system (Windows XP with SP3 or higher, Mac OS X 10,11 El Capitanor higher) 
  • microphone and speakers – built-in or as USB-plugin or wireless via Bluetooth
  • webcam
  • headset
  • browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari


In addition we recommend: 

  • a cable-link to the internet because wi-fi can easily lead to disconnection



Information for the legal guardian:



The Loburg Language Year 2020/2021 starts after the summer holidays on August 5th 2020 and ends July 2nd 2021.

Departure is the day after the end of the course, i. e. Saturday, July 3rd 2021.

During holiday time in Nordrhine-Westphalia (Fall, Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays) the boarding school is closed and staying there will not be possible.

The course fee is for the online-course:  700 € / month, due for 6 months;

                                For the attendance-period at the Loburg: 2,600 € / month, due for 6 months.

If the stay at the Loburg takes place earlier, the student takes part in the online-course and lives in the boarding school with the usual care and catering.


For 85 € / month we will arrange for health and liability insurance for your child.

The fee covers lodge and board, classes, learning materials, washing clothes and participation in the leisure programme.



 Visa formalities

As soon as we receive your written application, we will send you a letter of invitation and apply for the declaration of commitment at the appropriate foreigner’s registration office. Apart from these two documents you will have to submit verification of sufficient insurance cover, an authorization of transferring custody and an acknowledgement of payment of the first annual invoice to your embassy.

Personal consultation

Do you have any questions about our language course? Then please contact us. Just give us a call or send an email. We are here to help. 

Phone:  +49253287157.

Mail: Internat@die-loburg.de

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